La Estación Gallery | Aaaaahhh! & Ritualistica
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Aaaaahhh! & Ritualistica

Artist: Fernanda Brunet & Ritualistica de Rocío Infestas

Aaaaahhh! & Ritualistica


New exhibition at La Estación Gallery featuring Fernanda Brunet (born 1964 Mexico City) and Rocío Infestas (born 1979 Viña del Mar, Chile).

Aaaaahhh! de Fernanda Brunet & Ritualistica de Rocío Infestas will open on April 22nd

Fernanda will be presenting a painting exhibition. She has exhibited in Mexico and in the United States in Museums and Galleries, has participated in different biennials, received several awards and her works have been auctioned in famous Auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Rocío will be presenting her latest sculpture pieces. She has exhibited in Mexico, the United States and Europe, her works have been published in books of Contemporary Art.