La Estación Gallery | Fernanda Brunet
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Fernanda Brunet


Fernanda Brunet
Born in 1964 in México City, México.

Lives and wors in México City , México.

Studied at the National School of painting, sculpture and engraving “La Esmeralda”. Having honorable mentions at the tenth “Bienal Rufino Tamayo”(México). And the First “Bienal Nacional de Artes Visuales de Yucatán”(México) in the institute of culture of Yucatán, México. And the Acquisition Prize on the seventh “Bienal de Monterrey”(México).
She has exhibited in México, Hong Kong, the United States and Spain since 2002.


In Brunet’s paintings the colors and the forms own vibration, using super fluid line that refers to japanese drawing , she creates almost abstract paintings where images camouflage themselves that brings us to mind diferent nature topics , comic strips and the femeninity.

At the same time we can observe tha paint’s application over the canva in a motherly manner, a delicate treatment , amorous, intimate and instictive, noticing the connection of Fernanda’s personality with her work wich reflects and shows her soul. For Fernanda “painting is simply anecessity”.