La Estación Gallery | Ismael de Anda III
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Ismael de Anda III


Born in El paso, Texas.

Lives and works in Los Ángeles, California, USA.

Studied visual art at the California Institute of arts (USA).
awarded the 2010 Japan – United States Arts Program Fellowship by the Asian Cultural Council, The installation project from the Windward College Preparatory School (USA) in 2014 and the Lott Endowment for Excellence in the Visual Arts Artist in Residence by the University School of Art in Lubbock, Texas in 2017.

He has exhibited in México, the United States, Japan, Finland and Austria since 2008.


Using mutant practices, including installation, drawing, painting, sculpture, and relational, interactive projects inspired by the history of minimal and conceptual art and social sculpture, my
work focuses on re-interpretation of memory, inhabitation, and cultural history inspired by my pluralistic existence growing up on the hinge of the U.S./Mexico border and within the diverse realm of Los Angeles.