La Estación Gallery | Laura Ortiz
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Laura Ortiz


Laura Ortiz Vega
Born in 1875 in México City, México.
Lives and works in México City, México.

Studied industrial design at Universidad Iberoamericana (México) and got a certified course in cultural management by the Mexican museum of toys (México).

Having participated in many art fairs such as Pulse Miami, Art Toronto, Zona Maco, Pulse LA, and Art Chicago.

She has exhibited in México, the United States, Canada, Austria and Sweden since 2009.


My work is a reinterpreta tion of artisan and manual techniques, which enables me to intimately relate with the creation of a piece of art. It is about the experience of creating with my hands.
Being born in Mexico enabled me to be in close relation with exceptional artisan masters and their work, which had been a great influence in my formation as an artist. Such is the case of the Huichol people, an indigenous group from the north/center – west part of Mexico and their strikingly beautiful Wixarika Art.

They create colorful boards (made with yarn, thread or glass beads held together with wax) which are manifestations of their gods.
Inspired by the Huichol technique, I have developed my own
stroke consisting in constructing an image the same way as if it w
as painted or draw but using embroidery thread or glass beads embedded to the surface with wax.
I am attracted by the way different cultures permeate one another, mainly, the esthetic hybrid resulting by the exchange of visual
information. How the popular culture take elements from the visual language of the mainstream and high art and creates its own visual language.

Laura Ortiz Vega
March, 2019.