La Estación Gallery | Maria Jose Seañez
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Maria Jose Seañez


Maria Jose Seañez
Born in 1975 in Chihuahua, México.
Lives and Works in Chihuahua, México.

She studied arquitecture at the ISAD Institute (méxico) and visual art at the Studio for the artist and professor Gilberto Aceves Navarro.

Has a degree in visual arts and art history by the School of fine arts in Guanajuato (México) and a master degree in artistic research and production by the university of Barcelona (Spain).

Having several publications in México and Spain not only for her ilustrations but also as a poem writer, editor and autor.
She has exhibited in México, Spain, Japan and the United States since 2003


In recent years my work has been to find the solutions, methods or artistic modes of an idea generated by a series of my past.
I Am developing a single work that never ends and from each painting, each series is unleashed an enigma to solve. The exhibitions are the result that re-opens new tracks for
a new series. Always in my paintings and collages I seek to combine a vocabulary established between abstraction and figuration, mixing vegetable and organic structures with more abstract patterns.
I try to transmit in them, the mix that I aspire and I live. My images are born of my passion to combine, gather, unite, stir, agitate, tangle, textures and semi-human figures within
spaces or sea-terrestrial landscapes.