La Estación Gallery | Miguel Valverde
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Miguel Valverde


Miguel Vaverde
Born in 1980 in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, México.
Lives and works in Chihuahua, México.

Studied visual art in the Art Institute of the UACH (México), Cultural Marketing, Cultural autoproduction and several external degrees in painting and composition.

Having several public and private murals and sculptures all ver mexico and in many places of the state of Chihuahua, México. He has the encouragement price to the artistic creation by the ICHICULT and CONACULTA (México) in 2012 and several scolarships by
the FONCA (Mexico). And has been a teacher of painting and drawing at the Institute of Fine Arts in México City, México.

He has exhibited in México, Germany and the United States since 2001.


We all long for freedom from the limits paced on us by being boin into a society. In other words, there is always a bird in the heart that flaps its wings, searching for flight. That is when art turns into a path on wich to walk to freedom.

It is an honor to see images with my own eyes and to keep them in my mind forever; these are the images that have been strongly influenced by the land in wich i grew up, a land rich in colors, landscapes, languages and climate, in short, Chihuahua, México; I use these images for all of my paintings. The diversity and complex nature of Chihuahua has
given me the motivation as well as the tolos to Paint life, and by life i mean the true Deep connection and origin of human nature.

I search for quiet and contemplative moments, for the sounds Chihuahua has encouraged me to observe. The life paths of the mennonites, tatahumaras, mestizos and spanish have given my community a unique way of understanding each other in codes and gestures, a language that i late revo
lved throughout my paintings.