La Estación Gallery | Saúl Gómez Jiménez
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Saúl Gómez Jiménez


Saúl Gómez
Born in 1980 in México City, México.
Lives and works in México City, México.

Studied visual arts at the National School of painting, sculpture and engraving “La Esmeralda”.

Beeing granted several scholarships fron the FONCA(México) and
participated in Art fairs like Pinta Miami(USA) and Zona Maco(México), he becomes also a professor of visual arts since 2004 in several schools across the country.

He has exhibited in México and the United States since 2002.


Saul Gomez’s work is approaching a The landscape and objects of the everyday environment, through representations and constructions that allude to the physical states of things and their conditions of permanence and transition in the material becoming of the physical world.

The image that is generated and that alludes to the states themselves and physical-material processes of the world arises from the actions in the study of those same dynamics.
In The Pictorial field there are open chasms, blocks that materialize, geo-pictorial layers that overlap and displace, overflows, fluctuations, substantial liquid precipitations, magmatic solidifications. The pictorial process is inscribed in the flow of things to retard it.