La Estación Gallery | IMPERMANENCE by Ichiro Irie
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Exhibition: Impermanence

Date: 5/7/2019

Opening: 18:00 – 22:00 hrs.

“Impermanence is the main quality of existence. Everything changes; nothing stays the same; nothing lasts.”

WITHOUT and WITHIN – Ajahn Jaysaro

Ichiro Irie is a curator, professor, musician and artist that stands up for himself as a strange, well balanced mixture of cultures, not only from Japan or Los Angeles, but from the consequence that Mexico had in his upbringing.

“Impermanence” has as a subject, the dissociation of immediate appreciation, in the face of the relentless passage of time. These two pieces transport us into the idea of violent ejection where automobiles, victims of some highway accident, rest under the constant beating of the sun and climate, calmly waiting for the arrival of rust and degradation.

The impressively detailed image soaks up the observer’s attention into realism and detail, but hides, among its thick permanent marker lines, the sublime metaphor of our frail modern idea of “forever”.

By the nature of the media and the materials, the beautiful and solid piece will be rusted and wiped away from the canvas by the great player of the game between the lives and the materials versus mortality.

The eternal “time” that will eventually overrun and continue without us, its march is as inevitable as it is permanent.