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Hysterical Fiction

- Curaduría por Ichiro Irie

Hysterical Fiction


Ficción Hysterica: Obras sobre papel

Desde Los Angeles

Curador: Ichiro Irie

Un proyecto QiPO  Fricción Hysterica: Obras sobre papel desde Los Angeles is the second official project organized by QiPO, a curatorial collective founded by artists Kio Griffith and Ichiro Irie. This exhibition is a sequel to the Hysterical Friction show organized by Irie at the gallery Tiger Strikes Asteroid in New York City.Fricción Hysterica will feature works by more than 20 artists by artist/curators, curator/artist, artists who have just started exhibiting, and artists who have been exhibiting for a very long time. W hat they have in common is that they have all called Los Angeles their home either presently or in the not too distant past. Taken as a whole, the show attempts to exemplify the diversity of talent from L.A. ranging from the very minimal and conceptual to the very baroque and visceral. The contrasts created by the juxtaposition of so many disparate approaches in such proximity might create for a somewhat manic and jarring experience; an experience that will hopefully stimulate a dynamic and unexpected read ing of each individual work. ARTISTS Carl Berg Kavin Buck Jennifer Celio Brian Cooper Mark Dean Veca Martin Durazo Renée Fox Kio Griffith Joshua Hagler Bryan Ida Aska Irie Ichiro Irie Kiel Johnson Susan Logoreci Shiri Mordechay Ruby Osorio Alison Rash