La Estación Gallery | Pinta Miami 2018
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Pinta Miami 2018

Saul Gomez & Arian Dylan

Pinta Countries Sections 2018

In PINTA Countries Sections there were presented 5 focus countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.  

As a novelty this year it was featured 1 European Country: Spain. All sections were curated, and the galleries proposed 1 or 2 artists born after 1980, giving visitors the opportunity to discover emerging artists  México 

La Estacion Gallery had the honor to propose two outstanding artists: Arian Dylan from Oaxaca (1984) and Saul Goméz from Mexico State (1980).  

Arian works with the meticulous process of cutting paper, and Saul has been investigating with his color palette and juxtapose of forms. Both artists have been collaborating with La Estacion Gallery for over 10 years.  

La Estacion Gallery proposal was curated by Alma Ruiz . Alma Ruiz is a Senior Fellow at Sotheby’s Institute of Art/Claremont Graduate University, and a member of the Advisory Committee for the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation in Miami.