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«Art is the greatest form of hope»

– Gerhard Richter

Our Mission is to Transform the Human Mind.

La Estacion Arte Contemporaneo (LEAC), is a contemporary art gallery located in the center of Chihuahua, in the federal state of Chihuahua (North Mexico).


LEAC is the only commercial gallery focusing on international contemporary art in Chihuahua with a population of 1.5 million. Opened in 2002, LEAC presents a program of exhibitions and side projects by International and Mexican emerging contemporary artists. Mediums include painting, photography, sculpture and video art with a special focus on installation.


An important focus of the gallery is a program of public art events, such as cross media festivals inviting artists from abroad and overseas to do art interventions in the city to energize the public realm and facilitating the exchange of ideas between Mexican and international artists.
The Gallery owns and provides a studio place for invited international artists to stay and work for a period of up to 2 months.
Visiting artists to LEAC have been Ismael de Anda (US), Christoph Dahlhausen (DE), Dan Krupin (US), James Rubio (US), Alvaro Verduzco (Mex), Christopher Yerington (US) among others.


The director of LEAC is Fernando Rascon.
The exhibition program will be developed through the director and supplemented by invited international and local curators.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

– Pablo Picasso

La Estacion Gallery firmly believes in the potential of artists to help create vital and just communities.

Art projects rooted in local participation cultivate societal bonds and enhance neighborhoods making them fun places to live and play, which was much needed in Chihuahua a few years ago.

We saw the urge for us to step up and build the bridges between divergent groups of the local community. Therefore and for the last 4 years La Estacion Gallery has strived to create and host art festivals and bring art closer to people on their daily lives.

Since then, we have brought contemporary art to over 200,000 locals with the help of artists from all over the world and we have helped connect local and international artists more deeply with the Chihuahua society.